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How to Order

How to order photo prints and print Instagram photos

All print sizes (Polaroid, squares and mini squares) require a minimum order of 24 each. You do not have to order 24 of the same print, however, you will have to upload, crop and place different images one-by-one. It’s never been easier to print Instagram photos and Polaroids. Read on for more detailed instructions.

Please note that images are printed as placed and cropped in the print-designer. What you see will be what you get!

Step 1

On the print product page, click “Customize”

Step 2

Click the upload zone to upload the image you want printed. You can print Instagram photos or upload your own.

Step 3

Images will be cropped to square.

You can use the arrows in the corner of the uploaded image to scale it, or alternatively use tool a). If you see white space around your image in the preview, there will be white space around your print!

a) Scale tool. The slider zooms in and out of your images.

You can click on your image to drag and position your image within the frame as desired, or alternatively use tool b).

b) Position tool. Choose you how want to align your image (left, right, top, bottom, center vertical, or center horizontal). You can also use this tool to flip your image horizontally or vertically.

c) Reset tool. Resets any cropping or positioning.

Please note that images are printed as placed and cropped in the print-designer. What you see will be what you get!

Optional Step for Polaroid sizes

FOR POLAROIDS ONLY. You cannot do this step on squares or mini squares.

Double-click on the text to add your own text, or click once and add text in the text box that appears as shown. If you do not want to add text, delete the text in either text box.

Having trouble editing your text? See the next image.

Trouble editing text? Or getting rid of an uploaded image?

If you can’t seem to be able to select the text box to edit it, click on d).

d) The manage layers tool allows you to select your text at e).

e) The text layer. Clicking here will bring back your view from the “Optional Step for Polaroid sizes” image.

f) Click on the “x” to remove your image

Step 4

If you only want to order one print of the image you have uploaded, leave the cart number as “1”. Otherwise, change it to your desired number of prints. Click “Add to cart”.


Repeat steps 1-4 for every separate image you want to print.

When you are ready to check out, click “View Cart”.

Still having technical difficulties? No problem! Email us your min 24 images and we’ll print/process for you. We will then email an invoice for EFT payment.