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It may seem a little sad – but we love nostalgia. We yearn for the days when printing your photographs was a thing, instead of storing them on a phone or computer and letting them gather dust. We love the idea of displaying your pictures through polaroid photo printing like the precious memories they are and looking through them often because we believe that one’s past is important. We love random memories that make you laugh like a mute seal, cry buckets and chuckle heartily when you recall them. We preserve your memories in a beautiful and practical way through Polaroid prints and stylish frames.

The idea for Timeframes is centered around a love for photographs and looking back at the past. Because we find reflecting so important, we want to make memories as easily accessible as possible, and we do this by making them visual. We believe Polaroid photos capture memories forever – a driving force behind why we do what we do – and we wanted to give people a no-hassle way to print their moments.

We were inspired by the popularity of Instagram photos and printing, mixed with the charming vintage feel of Polaroid photographs, and we were fed up by printing being such a time-consuming task, so we started early in 2017 with the idea of making storing one’s memories as accessible and as easy as possible through polaroid photo printing. Our small Cape Town-based business prides itself on customizing everything and making its customers feel valued. We wanted to be able to offer a full experience, and felt that something would be missing if we were just printers, so we introduced custom wood photo frames to accent our prints and so that you can display your Polaroids.

We hope to bring a unique eye, a genuine feeling and a way for our customers to store their memories forever.


“Photography is the art of frozen time. The ability to store emotion and feeling within a frame” – anon

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